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VicenzaOro day 3 - the future is in the details 💖

Updated: Jan 26, 2020

Walking into Halls 5, 6 and 7 put the spotlight on what has been happening.

Yes we have gotten small and yes we are trying to use less gold but we have also gotten small with our mechanics. This is a good thing. We are showed our ability to think in technical terms, new types of functional components; smaller connections, hinges, closings and spring tension buttons. New experiments in setting styles, partial flush setting, new uses of flush settings and new look in illusion settings, new 'invisible-set' stone cuts and finally, using ceramic enamels in stone setting (fancy glue).

As for textures, I saw a bit too many diamond cut sparkles, they were saturating the texture landscape. And at TGold we were seeing many new diamond cutting tools. As well as other ways of getting the sparkling look, like soft enamels with sparkles (actual sparkles), crystals of ruthenium, Ru, in other resin, new tools with diamond particles for imprinting metal, and diamond dust! Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle!! Lots of new uses of enamels and ceramics, and ways of working with them.

There was a lot of concern about CAD printing resins and how to cast them. At the Jewelry Technology Forum, we heard the newest about treatments for these CAD resins. Perhaps we have found some new ways to handle these resins better. We have focused on the casting difficulties of this technology for a long time. Hopefully the issues can come to an end soon.

They also discussed the state of the industry and where it is going and how it is going. Primarily aimed at the Italian economy but I am pretty certain that it is something that concerns us all.

There is never enough said about our technology, it was good to hear that we are making great strides in computer technologies, from better milling to better printing; less expensive printers and more efficient casting.

There were many lectures to attend. So much to absorb.

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