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VicenzaOro day 2 - our Industry 💖

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

I started the second day by studying the areas which might be defining the coming look. The products in Hall 1, 2, 3 and 4 might be representative to the customers current purchases and needs. Giving us a very broad look at the retail landscape and at the same time, gives us a focus to keep in our minds.

Symbols have been in style but with gold prices staying near $1500 for awhile, we are seeing a breed of symbols and motifs that are smaller than they have been and seem to have become the stars of the main components. This mini-size is coming on strong. I am wondering if it is because of the swelling price of our materials. But we shouldn't be buying into this fear of cost without giving it a second look. We could be coming up with methods of lowering our prices without shrinking the products size. Perhaps using technology.

But of course you don't want to lose that possible sale, so we're seeing mini hearts , circles , diamond shapes , stars (and may I put a star next to the word 'star' because stars seem to be in abundance) and other tiny motifs! Think of emojis and symbols. As well as little animals. Combined with a mini chain and perhaps mini pearls and mini stones. We are seeing melee sizes, seriously mini, I'm talking .5mm diamonds here.

At first I was concerned about all the small and simple jewelry. I mean it is worrisome to our industry. How are we going to keep our craftsmen if there is nothing to craft.

And this mini size might not look good on all our customers.


Then I went to to the main halls and there, yes it was all laid out there!!

What is actually happening and how it is all held together was brilliant and technical!

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